Our vision is the creation of a Civilsociety, where respect, honesty, courage, meritocracy, love of good, love of country, diligence, deliberation, skill, will, perseverance, ethics, knowledge and virtue, will be intertwined with the concept of Citizen. A society that will not be made up of people who are lost, indifferent and desolate, but by people who are dynamic, militant and daring, who know the law and claim its application.

We do not believe in the expression “the fish stinks from the head”, nor that blame should be placed on the particular government in power, for the degradation of society. We believe that the lack of individual responsibility, compromise, the perception that nothing changes, ignorance or unawareness, indifference, apathy, fear and lack of social perception in today’s citizens, are the reasons that permit the existence of this rotten system/society.

A rotten system/society ->citizens lacking ideals, values, and beliefs.

Consequently we want everyone to be active citizens, in any position in society, to know their rights and obligations, to assert the law, to seek for the proper performance of the tasks of both themselves and others and not be influenced in any way by the verbal, vague and arbitrary (in terms of orders, duties, responsibilities, obligations, etc.) of subordinates, superiors or ordinary citizens.


“Don’t wonder;”Will we win? Will we be defeated? “Just fight and don’t give up!”

Nikos Kazantzakis