The name of the association consists of the words Iachi and citizen.

The word Iachi or Iacho has the following meanings:

a. I scream, shout, moan and raise my voice as a sign of joy or regret, like a voice crying out for initiation(Homer)

b. I oppose with sounds and echoes.As Homer writes about waves and fire; I burst, I roar for the chord of the arc, vibrating, buzzing, whistling, for the hot metal in water, I whistle.

c. I am a singer, I sing Odes, I recite verse. In Homer it was written iachin logion odon, which declares the importance of the prophecy. In Aristophanes, is was written Iachon Apollo; the chanting of hymns in honour of Apollo “.


“The word citizen has the meaning of a member of a State or Nation, thus a member who is under a particular administration”.


The use of the word “iachi” is used in the first sense, that is to say, to scream, and the use of the word citizen with a more philosophical dimension, that is to say, the member who is interested in the common, is interested in the functioning of the correct and sound administration, possessed with respect, honesty, courage, meritocracy, love of good and country, diligence, deliberation, ability, willingness, perseverance, ethics, knowledge and virtue and acts and is responsible in order to ensure village, town, city and in general in homeland, health, education, justice and ultimately prosperity.

These characteristic traits of the concept of the word Iachi, namely the intense, passionate, fervent, persistent, strong and serious scream, which is used in war e.g. (Voice of Triumph), are given to the notion of citizen, as this is described above, creating the veil that houses and characterizes our members.



The emblem of the association consists of the capital letters of the word Iachi, in vertical order, with the letters Alpha (a) and XI (x) doubled, in horizontal order and reflective as a mirror. The design depicts the shape of a man on a pedestal, referring to that citizen, who, with the above characteristics, has been exalted, i.e. separated from the ordinary citizen, who is indifferent and does not embrace the principles and the vision of the Association.