Why become a member?

Because it does not cost you anything *.

It is easy and fast to register.

With membership, you gain access to information that will help you act.

Knowledge is power and is an accessible weapon.

It is up to you to change your everyday life.

You agree with our vision, purpose and beliefs.

You are given the opportunity either as an active member, as a volunteer or as a partner to participate and help us achieve our vision for a better society.

With your participation, you are strengthening our efforts in the reorganization of the State Structure.

Who can become a member?

Membership may only be granted to those who:

  1. Have a capacity to act, are adults in perfect mental health and who do not take drugs. As an exception minors who have completed their fifteenth (15) year of age will be allowed membership of the association, as long as they have the general consent of their legal guardians.

  2. Have not been convicted of committing offences related to the country’s security, crimes against life, crimes against personal freedom, crimes relating to the currency, crimes relating to military service, crimes against sexual freedom and in general any other type of felony

  3. Have not been deprived of civil rights

What documentation is required?

a) Photocopy of a police ID or passport

b) Completed application form

​c) Reading of Statutes

d) Acceptance of terms and declarations, registration.

How can your contribution be actualized?

Indicatively and not limited to:

  • Informing family, friends and acquaintances, as to the existence of the Association and the promotion of its aims

  • The provision of information regarding the perceptions, thoughts, concerns and needs of your family, friends and acquaintances, regarding issues that the association aims to resolve

  • Informing the association on issues related to its areas of involvement,

  • The submission of simple complaints on various issues to the relevant departments, so that there is a background for the actions of the association,

  • In the offer of “professional” services to the association e.g. providing assistance in drafting texts, designing forms, advice-additions to our website and other social networks, photo shoots, drafting of technical reports etc.,

  • In the offer of other services to the association e.g. assisting in the distribution of educational material, preparation of reception halls, sharing of brochures etc.


Membership Benefits

a) Communication with the Association for advice on issues related to the Union’s purpose

b) Internet access to:

-The COUNSEL of the association, where various advice is recorded as to the actions and the way of action of the members

-The LEGISLATION of the association, where the basic rights of the citizen are recorded in simple Greek

-In the field of DISCUSSIONS of the association, where members can exchange views, ideas etc., regarding the operation of the association, related problems they face etc.

-The ACTIVITIES of the association, where all actions are recorded

c) Issuing of a certificate, concerning your participation and contribution to the association, if you are an active member

​ Renewal ofsubscriptions

Upon expiry of the first year’s subscription which is free, any member who wants to renew their subscription and continue to receive the services that the association offers must contribute the annual fee of fifty euro (50.00). This amount is paid in a lump sum upon registration and consists of the amount of twenty euros (20.00) for the registration process and the sum of thirty euros (30.00) for the annual subscription. The amount of the registration is paid* only once and in the case of registration, except in the cases provided by the statutes of the association. That is, after paying the amount of fifty euros (50.00), the annual subscription will thereafter be renewed with the payment of thirty euros (30.00).

We inform you that the members of the board of directors or those who have received power of attorney may accept or refuse the registration of a candidate member, without having to provide justification for the decision taken.

* For the first year the subscription is free and the member is deemed to be a volunteer. However, the choice of membership as a Subscriber is provided if he so wishes.