The association was founded on the initiative of the Athenian lawyer Edward-John Kypriotakis, who, found the lack of request and reimbursement of responsibility in state structures, the existence of deliberate non-transparency and vagueness in terms of tasks, rights and obligations of state institutions, employees and officials; the indifference of the majority of state institutions, officials and officers in the performance of their duties, and lack of courage, determination, assertiveness, organization and self-denial of the minority of those state institutions, officials and officers, who have a sense of duty, and who choose not to act as they ought to (because of fear, opacity, unreliability, retaliation, interests, lack of time, etc.). After becoming aware of all of the above and after studying the law, Edward-John Kypriotakis decided to devote time to solving these “small and insignificant” issues, as one could argue, but which he managed to successfully resolve.

Among other things succeeded:

(a) The permanent removal of a car, as well as the issuance of a ticket, to a traffic policeman, who had parked his car on a sidewalk while performing his duties.

b) The permanent removal of cars belonging to members of the Mass Media from the sidewalk, in front of the General Police Headquarters of Athens (ΓΑΔΑ), where they were parked. Νow parked on a side street.

c) The permanent raising of the Greek flag in a kindergarten, which had arbitrarily been replaced with a decorative flag

(d) The immediate replacement of leaking pipes in the Public Water (EYDAP) network, which, had already been informed but had not made any repairs

e ) The immediate removal of a car parked on the pavement above Syntagma Square, belonging to a state-owned Mass Media Channel journalist who wanted to cover an event, which officers and policemen had ignored even though it was a violation of the law.

The above small successes motivated other citizens to assert their rights, both in their workplace and in their daily lives. Therefore it becomes clear that the citizen, who is interested in changing his life and becoming aware of what might change, may do so, if they have been provided with the necessary tools. Moreover, it has become clear that an organised collective awareness can achieve much more than a citizen.

There are not only a few stories that we have heard about people who did their duty and immediately regretted it, because they either got involved in lengthy adventures, such as sworn administrative examinations, disciplinary boards, court disputes, or they were targeted and retaliated against, or were found accused. This resulted in their disappointment and resulting conclusion that their actions had been futile and therefore had achieved nothing so would not be repeated in the future.

The aim of the association is to support all of the above actions amongst other and to bring citizens forward and prepare them to fight for legitimacy.