– Informing and teaching citizens about their rights and obligations,

– Informing and teaching citizens about the rights and responsibilities of those who hold any position in the state sector, whether they are employees or officials,

– Advising citizens on how to draw up a complaint or petition,

– Raising issues, publishing and presenting to citizens (through Internet, Press Media etc.) various social and daily issues related to the above ( poor performance or maintenance of projects, lack of policing, lack of cleanliness, trafficking, drugs etc.).



The search for those responsible for social issues and the exercise of legal pressure to restore them, as well as the claiming of reimbursement responsibilities,

-The investigation, collection, recording and processing of data, documents, complaints, etc., relating to infringements, of those holding a position in the state sector,

-The collection, recording and processing of data, data, documents and complaints and their performance to be checked and given to the competent authorities (officials, police, prosecution, etc.).


-The representation of citizens before organisations, municipalities, regions, companies, judicial authorities and in general any kind of body of the state sector

-The taking up, carrying out and handling of cases relating to the above, both in extrajudicial and judicial terms

-The undertaking and provision of any type of work, work, service, case etc, relating to the above, to citizens, services, municipalities, regions, organisations and any type of state or private body,

-The fight against and repression using all legal means of arbitrary construction, trade, drug trafficking, foreign property damage, public money wasted, breach of duty, corruption, inadequate maintenance of equipment, vehicles and general public property, etc.


-The development of social conscience in terms of homeland, the nation, the environment, nature, animals, cleanliness etc., promoting ethos, responsibility, action, kindness, perseverance, respect, mutual assistance etc.

-The organization, cooperation, participation etc. in all kinds of discussion, conference, speech, exhibition, competition related to the above

-Continuous care and initiatives to improve cleanliness, hygiene, natural environment and ecosystems, safety, health, education etc.